Three part saddle construction

Reinventing the bicycle saddle

Our range of award winning and innovative saddles are based around our own pioneering and unique construction method. Traditionally, a saddle cover is stretched over foam and screwed and stapled to the base, creating inconsistent saddle feel, pressure points and a shelf life that means the foam in those saddles degrades over time and use.

With our three part construction method we bond a single piece of foam directly to the base, which allows us to use a much softer foam, because it’s not under tension, created by the cover.

Flexible saddle chassis

Our method in turn has allowed us to produce a chassis that provides un-paralleled comfort. By making the saddle this way, our saddles are more comfortable and durable and because they have less components, they’re lighter too. Every saddle is intended to be used across any cycling discipline, allowing the same saddle to ridden across multiple bikes.