The original air sprung saddle

Experience riding on air

We’ve developed the Cell saddle using the same technology found in running shoes and delivered it to the cycling world. The result is an air-sprung saddle, which distributes weight evenly across its entire surface and provides the most support of any bicycle saddle on the market.

Typical saddles have a layer of soft foam that provide comfort, but under pressure foam becomes harder, with the Cell, air flows continuously throughout the core providing more comfort and stability where it’s needed most. Our unique, design of collapsible pyramid cells and air pockets stop the saddle compressing completely, meaning you won’t experience pressure points as you would with traditional saddles.


Ready for adventure

Our Cell saddle delivers comfort from its shape, as well as its core. The shape is derived from our award-winning Scoop Radius saddle. The dropped nose doesn’t snag on your shorts and the curved profile is designed to offer maximum support. A more rounded profile and increased padding supports a riding style that places more weight directly on the saddle. Perfect for riders who ride more in jeans or shorts than performance liners or bike packing adventures where you don’t want to spend days in a chamois.