The bare necessity
When you want a pump to do one thing well, call on the Picobar – our pocket-sized most simplified road pump. With its sandblasted aluminium body and high pressure capability, the Picobar is designed to deliver rapid, hassle-free tyre inflation when you’re on the go.

  • Length: 183mm
  • Capacity: 18cc
  • Pressure: 120psi / 8.3bar
  • Body: Aluminium


Essential roadside companion

The Picbar focuses all its efforts on getting your tyres pumped up quickly. Pushing directly onto a Presta valve, the compact, lightweight pump makes roadside repairs simple, so you can get back to the fun stuff.


The Picobar is basically designed to be as light and simple as possible, the design is as simple as it gets, and weighs just 64g.Road.cc name