Precision-dial brightness control
Eliminate the need for frustrating button pressing with the precision-dial Lumabeam. Switch quickly and easily between light modes, even when wearing gloves, with the simple dial function. Get home safely with a handy dual colour, low powered strip that can be used as an emergency front or rear light. A tool-free multi-position mount is simple to attach anywhere on the bike or helmet, keeping you visible in low light conditions.

  • Burn Times: Front / Top
  • Full power: 2 hrs / 6hrs
  • Medium Power: 3 hrs / 14hrs
  • Flash: 6 hours / 46hrs
  • Strobe: 6 hrs / 58hrs


Switch light modes instantly

Do away with repetitive button pressing with Lumabeam's precision-dial light function. Quickly and easily turn the dial to the light setting you need, even when wearing gloves.

Long life LEDs

Stay safer for longer with the Lumabeam's LED strip. Glowing either red or white, the strip provides a valuable backup front or rear light. This gives you safe passage home, even when the battery is too drained to light the Cree headlamp.

Attach it anywhere

Adjust the light to fit your needs, with the innovative multi-position mount. Fix the Lumabeam either horizontally or vertically anywhere on your handlebars, seatpost or helmet, for an extremely versatile light.


Innovative and capable, it can light your way and come to the rescue.Four stars. Road.cc