What saddle profile am I?

The Scoop is available in 3 different shapes;
Scoop Radius for an upright position such as Urban riding or MTB (all-mtn and dh). Ideal for bars at the same height or above the saddle.
Scoop Shallow for a slightly more stretched out position such as CX, XC or Sportive/ GranFondo – can we say Gravel now too? This is great for those with bars just below the saddle or those who prefer to ride on the hoods/ flats on road bikes.
Scoop Flat for a stretched out position on a road race bike. Although this shape is really popular for some on trail mtb also and the majority of our women road racers. Perfect for a big drop from the saddle to the bars and if you use the drops a lot.
ALM and Line saddles all use the Shallow shape – it’s the most universal of all saddle shapes to cover a broader range of ride positions.
Cell and Scoop Women Gel use the Radius shape based on a more upright ride position.

How does each saddle profile help with the ride position?

The Radius has the most padding, this is because all body weight is concentrated through the sit bones, this works in tandem with shape of the saddle which spreads your weight over the entire surface so there are no single points of pressure. The accentuated curve in the top prevents your body from sliding around too much using preventing expending more energy.
The Shallow is slightly flatter than the Radius but still has a dip in the middle, this is more universal and can be used for many applications. The padding is between that of the Radius and Flat.
The Flat is as flat as it can be and has a flexible nose to alleviate pressure underneath when reaching forward. Padding is on the minimal side as weight is distributed between the saddle and bars, not into the sit bones. The saddles neck goes further back allowing your hips to rotate and the upper body to bend to the bars easier.

What saddle width am I?

We have 3 saddle widths currently available; 134mm, 142mm and 155mm.
By far the most common size sold by ourselves and others is 142mm and reflects the majority of people out there.
-Those with sit bones of 100mm or less choose the 134mm (just the Line saddle)
-Those with sit bones over 100mm to 135mm, choose the Scoop or Line wide (except the Scoop Women’s Gel)
-Those with sit bones over 135mm, choose the Cell or Scoop Women’s Gel
Generally, you can go bigger but if you go thinner than your sit bones suggest, this can prove a little less comfortable.

Should I buy a Line or a Scoop?

Many saddle manufacturers make overly stiff based/ padded saddles so the instant you get a channelled saddle, the difference is noticeable. However, the Scoop is very flexible and forgiving so for some riders used to channels in their old saddles, it will be an easy transition as the nose flexes enough to take pressure away. Choose the right shape to suit your position and those areas of discomfort will completely disappear.
But… there are some out there who biologically have issues, have had operations or are going through treatment that requires clearance at the perineum which is where the Line will be best and now we have 2 widths to accommodate a larger spread of riders. Your GP or Doctor will best to advise when you need to choose a saddle with a channel.
For some female riders, having flat topped saddles can be quite painful too, so we’d recommend the Line for these riders.

What is the difference between saddle rail materials?

On the Scoop we offer 3 different rail types; Cromo, Ti and Carbon.
Cromo is offered on the Elite range and is ideal for heavy and light duties. Also ideal for heavier riders.
Ti rails are offered on the Race range and only a little lighter than cromo but they are more flexible and provide the most comfort of all rails. Choose this for long periods of time in the saddle. Heavier riders (over 100kg) can buy this but it will feel a bit too soft for them
Carbon rails are the lightest and stiffest (a little stiffer than Cromo) so best for race applications such as Crits or short ride where pedalling support is quite important for putting out the watts. Most hardened derrieres can do long rides on these no problem. These have a weight limit of 100Kg.

What is the torque setting for the carbon rails?

8nm for all Carbon rails

Can I use the ALM on my MTB?

Yes and no. We’ve done our utmost to smooth the edges so they do not cut when behind the saddle but it is a thin/ blunt shape should you hit it hard during a dismount. For this reason, we recommend for road or gravel duties.

What is the difference between grips?

We offer 2 types of grip material; silicon and kraton.

Looking for sponsorship?

Like most companies we get sponsorship requests daily. We do read through them but cannot reply to them all. If you’re just starting out, look to contact your local shop first and see if they can support you, you’ll learn what they expect and what you realistically can offer them. Please be aware that it’s not all about getting free stuff and winning races, you’ve got to work for the support too. Build up a unique following and consistently bombard your followers with product but in a way that they can relate to and not get too bored.

My water bottle has fallen off

Check that the studs are on tight and do not spin in your fingers. Please ensure you have a number ‘2’ stamped on the studs, this is visible once you remove the bolt. These are softer than the first generation and were supplied in bottles from Nov ’15, these newer studs provide more grip and can be fine-tuned by tightening further.
The new studs also came with updated bolts with blue Loctite to prevent the rare occurrence of the studs loosening and causing the bottle to drop. If you do not have the new studs and purchased your bottle after Nov ’15, please contact your supplier for new studs.

Can I use the water bottle on my mountain bike?

Of course, they work really well on mountain bikes. Some carbon bikes have larger moulding around the bb area so the bottles may not fit on all full suspension mtb’s.

Can I use the water bottle in normal bottle cages?

Sadly not, the contouring to guide your hand and the bottle back onto the studs means that the bottle does not sit tight in normal cages.

I can’t buy your products in my country?

We have most countries covered through our distribution. Use the store finder for a nearby store or contact your nearest distributor from the contact page to see if they have dealers in your country.

I’m from a bike company and I’m interested in using Fabric for my bikes.

Thanks! We’d love to hear from you, please use the contact page to get in touch with our team.