Who they are:
Enduro: Nicolas Vouilloz and Adrien Dailly.
Enduro and Marathon Electric: Nico Vouilloz, Olivier Giordanengo, Chloe Gallean, Florian Golay, Maxime Folco and Adrien Dailly.
DH: Thibaut Daprela.

What they have achieved
Multiple youth DH wins under Thibaut Daprela, some wins beating the Juniors and most seniors! Numerous wins for Adrien Dailly in the EWS series in his first year as a senior.

Season highlights
All wins from Thibaut and Adrien. Adrien is currently sitting 2nd behind Sam Hill for the EWS overall.

Fabric products
The team uses the Cageless Bottle and Scoop saddles. They use a variety of Flat, Shallow and Radius, all with carbon rails, Adrien uses the Flat shape to great effect.

– Neil Cousins. Fabric Team and Events manager