Who they are:
A mixed discipline MTB team from France.
Enduro: Cecile Ravanel, Joann Barelli, Kevin Miquel and Cedric Ravanel
DH: Cecile Ravanel and Joann Barelli

Season highlights:
Cecile has won the majority of the EWS rounds this year proving almost unstoppable. She also raced the last DH world cup round and placed 10th. Frenchman, Joann, is now a permanent Canadian resident and will soon be unleashing more crazy offseason videos for us all to consume. Check out Joann’s Instagram feed for crazy vids and amazing riding.

Fabric products:
The team uses the Cageless Bottle to great effect allowing them to fit the bottles into tight spaces and makes the bike nice and clean when off the bikes.

– Neil Cousins. Fabric Team and Events manager