Off the map and on the gas.

Adventure-seekers, mile-munchers, gravel-grinders, KOM-smashers and singletrack enthusiasts apply here: our new XC & Gravel Collection of products from Fabric is built with high function so you can rely on the performance, mile after lovely mile. Here, comfort and purpose is key: our award-winning Scoop saddle is elegantly simple, durable, and available in numerous profiles making it more comfortable than anything else out there – ask anyone who’s ever ridden one. Or, how about the new Line saddle? With unrivalled ergonomics and clean silhouette, the Line’s shape and contour provides enjoyable endurance. Combine either of these saddles with our Ergo or Semi-Ergo grips, and you’ll be all set for the boundless path that lays ahead.



We pride ourselves in doing the hard work to make your ride easy by creating essential upgrades: consider our new Gripper bottle, which just looks, feels and works better, enabling you to stay hydrated and comfortable, all of the time. And our new Fabric tools – whether you’re out hunting the horizon or at home in the garage, we make sure that our bike tools are easy to work with – lightweight and compact multi-tools such as the 8-to-1 mini-tool, our neat Stratosphere Mini-pump, or our easy-to-use CO2 inflator kit for when the inevitable happens. Keep your ride essentials stashed in our new Contain bike luggage, carefully tucked away where it belongs: all our XC Collection products are built tough, built to endure, and made to look beautiful on any bike – be it an uber-light XC weapon or loaded-up gravel adventure bike, these are the key products you’ll want for any journey.

XC / Gravel Collection