Built city-tough and everyday simple.

Your bike should be your BUV – your Best Utility Vehicle: it should be the most fun, the most practical, and the most personal method of transport right across your town. Here at Fabric we make products that help you enjoy timeless transportation on your streets, on your pathways, at your pace. Here, comfort and purpose is key and our award-winning Scoop saddle is elegantly simple, durable, and available in numerous profiles which makes it more comfortable than anything else out there – ask anyone who’s ever ridden one. Alternatively, our unique Cell urban saddle combines air-sole trainer tech with great design to create a simple saddle that’s miles better than a typical gel-type saddle. Match either the Scoop or Cell with our Knurl handlebar tape or Silicone lock-on grips and you have the ultimate in street comfort.



Our Urban Collection is designed for the commuters, e-bike riders, urbanites and people who love to ditch the car for the everyday journeys. For example, you want tools that work easily and intuitively – such as our Stratosphere pump line and range of multi-tools for simple maintenance and easy fixes. Our new line of Lumasense and Lumaray light systems, our tucked-away Tool Keg and Gripper bottles subtly equip your bike with the quality essentials you need for day-to-day life and weekend sprees. Because when it comes down to it, what we do best here at Fabric is make class-leading cycle products that keep you on the road, living life with your BUV.

Urban Collection