Full speed. All Day.

There’s no better feeling than being flat-out on the open road. That’s why we’ve created our Road Collections range – hand-picked essentials for the road ahead, making it easy to choose the best kit. That way, whatever the road throws at you, we’ve got you covered. All you need to figure out is where you’re headed next.



All roads. Everywhere.

Ride after ride, mile after mile, PB after PB, here at Fabric we create the products that noticeably improve your ride experience by upgrading your bike at key points – take our Road Collection for example: our genre-defining Scoop saddle is elegantly simple, durable, and available in numerous profiles making it more comfortable than anything else out there. Combined with the award-winning Hex Duo bar tape, our touch-point products will increase comfort and performance every step of the way – fit them, enjoy them, you’ll never look back. As for the ultimate in saddle equipment, the ground-breaking ALM raises the bar for both ergonomics and artisan all-carbon construction, for when you are truly seeking the best.


Choose the perfect ride.

We pride ourselves in making your ride easy by creating essential upgrades: our innovative Lumaray V2 front light slips neatly under your Garmin or Wahoo device, tucked out of the way in the perfect location. All of our intuitive cycling tools, be it the ultra-lightweight 6-in-1 or the Stratosphere Pro pump, work efficiently and look beautiful at the same time. Our Gripper bottle just looks, feels and works better, enabling you to stay hydrated and fresh, all ride long. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what we do best here at Fabric – we create instinctive products that keep you focussed, fulfilled, and help you to push on to the next stage.

Road Collection