For your best days in the dirt.

Our new MTB Collection isn’t about KOMs or Strava segments and discussing energy gels and gear choices on the traverses. This is about savouring long days in the dirt, cutting new turns, and shredding your favourite line just a bit sweeter than the last time you hit it. We make products that make your ride better from the outset so you don’t have to worry about all that other stuff. Our genre-defining Scoop saddle is simple, durable, and looks better than anything else out there – and as for riding comfort: just ask anyone who’s ever ridden one. We truly raised the bar with the Scoop. Or, how about the Line saddle? If it’s good enough for the likes of Martin Maes, then that’s good enough for us. And let’s talk about our Magic grips – a proven ergonomic profile married with classic mushroom pattern and supersoft compound designed in collab with 50to01 and you have a grip that feels great from the word go and won’t give you arm-pump on the way down.



We pride ourselves in doing the hard work to make your ride easy by creating essential upgrades: even our humble Gripper bottle, which just looks, feels and works better, enables you to stay hydrated and comfortable, all of the time. And our new Fabric tools – whether in the woods or at home in the garage, are super-easy to work with – multi-tools such as the 16-to-1, featuring every essential, or our Accubar gauge which will help you set your preferred tyre pressures for the trails ahead. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what we do best here at Fabric – we create the products that keep you in the woods, on the singletrack, rubber-side down, ready for the good times ahead. See you at the trails.

Mountain Collection