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After global success as a World Cup downhill racer, Josh Bryceland turned his back on racing professionally last year to pursue an alternative life in mountain biking.

Date of birth: 23rd March 1990.

Why do you ride for Fabric?
It’s a sick company, I like what you’re about and it’s great to work with Rankin he’s sick.

Who are your sponsors?
Santa Cruz, Fox Head, Fox Shocks, Burgtec, Chris King, Fabric (obvs), Drink Water, Velo Accounts, Maxxis Tyres, Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant.

Do you miss training to race?
Not really, but I’m fitter now than I ever was when I raced downhill, just through association with the enduro boys, they’re all just fit b******s, dragging me around. I don’t miss racing World Cup at all, I do still enjoy watching it. I still enjoy racing and having a competitive outlet, but for now I enjoy just dipping in and out to keep the juices flowing. I do think I’m fitter and better on a bike now than I was when I raced World Cup.

So if you raced World Cup now do you think you’d win?
Hmm no, because I don’t ride downhill anymore, I’ve got much more rounded skills.

What is 50to1?
Boys having fun on the bikes! Riding like two strokes full chat or chilling.

Why did you stop riding for Monster?
I didn’t drink it and I didn’t want to promote it.

You’ve just had parts in Death Grip and the latest Fox video, do you have any more videos in the pipeline?
Got one major one I’m excited for which is a Steel City Media x Creative Concept TV film called Gamble, dropping spring. Gonna be a banger.






Do you live on your barge all year around?
Yeah apart from when I’m on the road travelling!

When you’re not riding a bike, what are you doing?
Cooking/eating, listening to tunes, chilling with the Mrs.

What happened with Boxhunt?
Ah I’m so buzzing on me Boxhunt stuff. It makes people so happy. People are so behind it; at Farmer Johns, anyone who got a box was buzzing about it.

Are you looking forward to your new Fabric grip?
I’m really excited to try it, it’s been a little tease for the last six months.

One last question: How much money would you spend on a bike if you weren’t sponsored?
Well, the last time I bought a motorbike, I did buy a brand new one which cost me six grand, but that was back in 2013 and I’ve looked after mint and it still runs fine. So for a push-bike, to be honest I’ve not got a clue, top end would probably be around £1,500 on a bike to get me going and have fun on.