All of our saddles are designed to maximise both comfort and performance. Choosing your correct saddle width will improve your cycling experience by offering the correct support for your sit bones.

What Fit?

We offer three saddle widths ­ 134mm, 142mm, and 155mm ­ which suit the three Somatotypes; Ectomorph (Light body) Mesomorph (Average body) and Endomorph (Broad body). Somatotype refers to your underlying bone structure ­ this is not affected by diet, fitness or training.

Depending on your somatotype we can recommend a Fabric saddle that best suits your bone structure. We¹ve made it is easy to find your own somatotype; simply enter your wrist circumference (cm) and your height (cm) below, we will then recommend your next perfect saddle.


Line is a 134mm wide saddle with a pressure relief channel in the cover, which optimises weight and increases flexibility. The Line is ultra lightweight, ergonomic and supremely comfortable. 134mm saddles are best suited to a narrow-hipped, slim body.

Your somatotype is:


Male: 7.5% - 9.5%
Female: 8.25% - 9.25%

An Ectomorph is typically skinny. They have a light build with a small frame and bone structure. They tend to be thin with lean muscle mass.

The Scoop is 142mm wide which best suits an average sized body. It perfectly balances comfort, performance and simplicity and is available in our largest selection of profiles, base and rail materials and colours.

The ALM is 142mm wide which best suits an average sized body. This cutting edge product delivers a world first in saddle design. Leaf sprung rails and flexible carbon technology provides unparrelled comfort for such a minimal shape.

Your somatotype is:


Male: 9.5% - 11.25%
Female: 9.25% - 10.25%

A Mesomorph has a larger bone structure, a naturally athletic physique and can acheive well defined muscles.

Cell is a wider saddle, which features our unique Hex-air technology, providing the ultimate in comfort. The Cell saddle is designed to best fit a wide-hipped, stocky body. The Hex-air cushioning offers all the benefits of a gel saddle without the additional weight.

Your somatotype is:


Male: 11.25% - 13%
Female: 10.25% - 11%

An Endomorph is usually of shorter build with thick arms and legs. Muscles are strong, especially the upper legs and they tend to gain muscle and fat very easily due to a slow metabolism.