We create the world's most advanced saddles.

Our saddles are designed to maximise both comfort and performance. Your ideal saddle width is based on your somatotype. Somatotypes refer to your underlying bone structure and are not affected by diet or training.

Depending on your somatotype we can recommend a saddle that best suits your bone structure. It is easy to find your somatotype, you simply need to enter your wrist circumference (cm) and your height (cm) below. This creates a percentage that indicates which somatotype you are.

Line is a narrow saddle with a pressure relief channel in the cover, which optimises weight and increases flexibility. The Line saddle is best suited to a narrow-hipped, slim body. It is ultra lightweight, ergonomic and supremely comfortable.

Your somatotype is: Ectomorph

Male: 7.5% - 9.5%
Female: 8.25% - 9.25%

An Ectomorph is typically skinny. They have a light build with a small frame and bone structure. They tend to be thin with lean muscle mass.

Cell is a wider saddle, which features our unique Hex-air technology, providing the ultimate in comfort. The Cell saddle is designed to best fit a wide-hipped, stocky body. The Hex-air cushioning offers all the benefits of a gel saddle without the additional weight.

Your somatotype is: Endomorph

Male: 11.25% - 13%
Female: 10.25% - 11%

An Endomorph is usually of shorter build with thick arms and legs. Muscles are strong, especially the upper legs and they tend to gain muscle and fat very easily due to a slow metabolism.

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